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Citizen Participation
  1. There is always a section of our agenda that allows for visitors to participate in the meeting with comments, suggestions, or concerns. We ask for your cooperation, however. Any individual desiring to address the Board shall complete a “citizen participation card” that is available on the table with the meeting agenda, or from our Treasurer.
  2. To allow the Board to complete its agenda in an effective and efficient manner, public input is limited to three minutes per individual and to a total of thirty minutes per meeting. Each individual speaking before the Board is asked to state his/her name and address.
  3. The Board president is responsible for speakers maintaining order and adhering to time limits.
  4. Public discussion is not permitted during the Board business section of the agenda. At the discretion of the Board president, members of the public may raise their hand to be recognized to speak during official Board business items.
  5. During open session, the Board does not hear complaints against school personnel. In accordance with Board policy, such complaints must be put in writing for investigation and disposition by the administration before a request for Board discussion in executive session is considered.
  6. Public concerns involving instruction, discipline, or students should be channeled first to the teacher, and, if not resolved, then to the school principal, superintendent, and school board, in that order.
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