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Digital Academy Expectations

We understand every family needs to make decisions that best support their students, especially families with particular concerns about safety and health. In order to support the needs of all of our families, we will be offering a 100% digital learning option through our fully online model, North Union Digital Academy. 

Below you will find the tentative expectations of the North Union Digital Academy to help you as you make your decision:

  • This will be an all day, every school day throughout the calendar year option for students to learn from home.

  • Please note, the digital academy model will be more rigorous than the remote experience in the spring of 2020. The grading scale will not be pass/fail. North Union Digital Academy will follow the grading scale provided by North Union Local Schools.

  • Students and families will be required to commit to the North Union Digital Academy for one semester (half year) at a time. This means students who enroll in the academy at the start of the school year will remain in this learning model for the 1st semester. At the end of the 1st semester, if students want to return to the traditional model, they will have the option to do so. They may also choose to remain in the North Union Digital Academy for the 2nd semester.

  • K-8 students will need a caregiver at home with the student for daily support.

  • Caregivers of students in all grades should assist their children with creating a schedule and routines, setting up a learning area, modeling high expectations, and communicating regularly.

  • Online connectivity is a requirement.

  • All of the curriculum provided is accredited and aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards. Depending on the grade level and/or course, the curriculum will be either designed and facilitated by district staff or provided by a vendor and supported by district staff.

  • Attendance is expected daily and will be monitored daily via online presence and participation. If your student is sick and cannot participate in their assignments on any given day, you will need to notify the school. 

  • The district will provide a chromebook to students enrolled in the North Union Digital Academy. Students will abide by the school’s acceptable use policy.

  • North Union Digital Academy students will follow the adopted student code of conduct of North Union Local Schools.

  • Grab and go lunches will be available for North Union Digital Academy students in K-12 from the North Union High School cafeteria.

  • Students enrolled in North Union Digital Academy are able to participate in all extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities.

  • If North Union Digital Academy students select College Credit Plus courses, they are encouraged to take these courses online or on the college campus. 

  • North Union Digital Academy students who are enrolled in AP (Advanced Placement) classes will need to decide by October 15, 2020 if they are testing by contacting NUHS guidance counselor, Mrs. Willis. Students may be required to come into NUHS to take the test in May 2021.

  • Please note: If a student is currently attending North Union as an open enrollment student, they may participate in North Union Digital Academy as a North Union student open enrolled from their district of residence. However, if a current open enrolled student enrolls in TRECA, Goal, or another Digital Academy, we will have to withdraw them from North Union as students are not able to be enrolled and attend two different districts. Once an open enrollment student has withdrawn to another district, they will not be able to return to North Union this year due to our class sizes being capped as of 7/21/2020.  They will have to wait until the 2021-2022 school year to reapply for open enrollment.  

Families will have until Monday, August 10, 2020, to select this option.

If you are still interested in enrolling, contact Dr. Erika Bower at [email protected]

*Please note that we will make adjustments to this plan as we receive additional guidance from other agencies along with the number of enrolled students. 

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