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Now is a time to talk to each other with kindness, caring and understanding and to treat each other with love and respect.
As a community and as a nation, many of us are hurting right now. The racially motivated injustices and crimes that are continuing to occur across the nation are extremely hard to comprehend and to witness.

This time of tragedy comes in the middle of a global pandemic that is adding suffering and keeping us apart. Now is a time to talk to each other with kindness, caring and understanding and to treat each other with fairness and respect.

We ask every resident and every employee in Union County to think carefully about how we treat one another. In this time of protests and national unrest we need to listen, learn, reform, and support one another.

It is important for us as adults to set an example for our children by embracing inclusionary practices in our community. We believe our differences make us unique, but compassion, inclusion, and patience will unite us as a community. The Union County Commissioners, The City of Marysville, North Union Local School District, Marysville Schools, Dublin City Schools, Jonathan Alder Schools and Fairbanks Schools commit to inclusionary practices and to building tolerance, trust, and decency within our community.


This first link was shared at the June 15, 2020 North Union Board of Education meeting. The second link contains more tools to use when having constructive conversations with our teens.



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