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North Union Middle School


The 4th Nine Weeks grades for all middle school classes will be modified to a Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade on all grade cards.

     Moving from face to face instruction to distance learning is a novel and unexpected learning experience for both students and staff. Students and staff  lack experience with distance learning, though we are all doing our best.

     There are many circumstances that cannot be controlled.


P (passing grade) criteria: The student must submit 60% of assignments and tests/quizzes in the course. This is to turn in or complete not recieve q 60% score on the questions.

F (failing grade ) criteria. The student does not submit 60% of assignments and tests/quizzes.


Algebra I, Spanish I, 8th grade Health, 8th grade PE, 8th Marching Band, 8th grade Art


Students have the option of receiving letter grades or a Pass/Fail grades for Q4 in High School credit courses.


Option A

Students may take a Pass/Fail 4th quarter grade and the letter grade for the semester will be their 3rd quarter grade.  This grade will go on the students high school transcript.


Option B

Students may take a letter grade for the 4th quarter and the letter grade for the semester will be an average of the 3rd and 4th quarter grade.  This grade would then be on the students high school transcipt (this is the traditional way semester grade is figured)



**Any 8th grader student who failed the 3rd 9 weeks for a HS credit course must take the letter grade.**

HS/MS athletic elgibility will not be penalized for a Pass/Fail grading options if students choose to take this option.



4th Nine Week Interims

Our 4th nine weeks has come to the half way point and with that our interims will be available online April 29th and will also be mailed at the end of this week.  Interim grades are the grade each student has at this point in time.  With the online/blended learning we know that grades may not reflect everything a student has completed.  Students may still need to submit online assignments or turn in paper/pencil assignments.  All assignments may still be submitted.  Please email your teacher if you feel your interim grade does not reflect the work you have turned in at this point and please check Progress Book for updated grades.

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