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Message from the Superintendent

Dear North Union Community,

On February 25, 2016 the Ohio Department of Education released the second part of the 2014-2015 report card. Because of changes in state law and Ohio’s student testing system, some elements of the report card will be different from the previous report card. Most of the data on this report card reflect the results of our new state assessments, those that replaced the OAAs which contains more rigorous content standards and an online testing format. 2014-2015 data also reflects additional testing grades and content areas at the high school and in social studies. Some data are based on a one year average rather than a 3 year average as well. Because of so many changes, a year to year comparison would not compare two similar sets of data.

North Union earned an A for it’s 4 year Graduation Rate and a B for the 5 year Graduation Rate. For Indicators met, North Union received an “F” but hit the achievement targets in half of the tested areas. A few highlights of positive scores included 82% passing in Algebra I. 100% of eighth grade students that took the Algebra I test passed, and the state target was 64% passing. Another positive area included 4th grade Social Studies that had 84% passing with the state target at 70% passing. The letter grade of “D” was issued for the district’s performance index score which measures where all students achieved in the 6 levels of achievement. The district received an “F” in Value Added, Lowest 20%, Students with disabilities and Annual Measurable Objectives, and a “D” in Gifted Value Added and K-3 Literacy.

For more details on individual buildings as well as a guide to Ohio School Report Cards click here.

The annual report card allows us as a district and as individual buildings to reflect on our successes as well as refine areas of concern. We as an administration and staff internalize these results both professionally and personally. The report card indicates the healthy urgency to enrich instruction and verify a successful learning path for each of our students. This vision will be primary in all of our decisions and will become a part of our culture as we move forward.

With one year of experience and exposure to this data, we can better prepare students to show what they know on Ohio’s revised assessments. Our commitment to enriched instruction and learning does not waiver although our accountability measures have been adjusted.

Please contact me or your building administrator if you would like to discuss these measures further.

Richard J. Baird, Superintendent

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