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North Union Local School District Partners with InfoSnap for an Efficient, Customized Online Solution to Achieve Accuracy with Student Registration

North Union Local School District partnered with InfoSnap, the leader of online registration management solutions for k-12 schools, to develop a streamlined process for new and returning student registration. “Our goal is to make the enrollment process easier for our families.” said Kim Retterer, EMIS Coordinator at North Union. The new online registration process will be much more efficient for parents/ guardians and will eliminate the over 20,000 sheets of paper used in the current paper registration method.

Instead of completing stacks of paper forms, families will be able to register their new and returning students electronically. Households who have more than one child in the district will save time by not having to re-enter information that is common for all students. The InfoSnap SmartForm™ technology will allow the online forms to be more user friendly. Families will no longer have to sort through papers that aren’t applicable for their children. Instead, the tool will collect relevant data based on previously entered information or choices (grade, activities, medical history, etc.).

“Once our solution goes live, it will impact our district tremendously. It will cut down on the time our families spend registering students for school, and help eliminate data errors,” said Pam Wenning-Earp, Director of Technology at North Union. The data submitted by families will be delivered into the district’s ProgressBook Suite student information system.

“We looked at different solutions that were available and talked to other districts that have InfoSnap. It was consistently clear through the feedback we received that InfoSnap is thorough and provides unparalleled support which has our district very excited about this partnership,” said Earp.

About InfoSnap

InfoSnap®, Inc. is the leading provider of cloud-based registration management solutions, including online Application, Admissions, School Choice/Lottery, New Student Enrollment, Annual Student Registration, and Staff Registration, designed specifically for Pre K-12 independent, charter, and public schools. InfoSnap solutions provide: (i) secure, customized online forms based on your existing business processes and designed using SmartForm™ Technology; (ii) a powerful administrative portal for the review, editing, and managing of data; (iii) and data integration to the student information system (SIS) utilizing an advanced Data Integration Framework.All solutions are backed by dedicated solution specialists, supporting both your infrastructure and families.InfoSnap was founded in 2000 and serves a growing client base of 650+ Pre K-12 clients around the world. For more information, visit InfoSnap.com.

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