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Social Media Trends
December 16, 2021

Dear Community,

Throughout this school year, our staff, students, administration, and community have addressed several trends that were circulating on social media platforms that were concerning. For example, the trend encouraging school vandalism on the popular social media app, TikTok, was handled swiftly and appropriately by our building administration, staff, and students.

We are working ahead to address a new trend that has surfaced nationally, not locally, involving teens making postings and commenting about school shootings. Our administration has been in contact with law enforcement concerning these national trends. There have not been any threats concerning anyone at North Union. We will continue to be in constant communication with local law enforcement if anything would ever surface locally.

Our staff, students, and community communicate openly about concerns of safety and health. We expect this to continue. When we see something concerning, we say something.

Our website includes “Stay Safe. Speak Up” resources at this link, As always, if you are aware of any information that is concerning, please contact your building principal or go to this link. If it is information that is time sensitive in nature, please contact the Richwood Police Department or the Union County Sheriff’s Office directly.

School and community safety are a collective responsibility; we appreciate your support and efforts to keep everyone safe.

Happy Holidays,

Richard J. Baird, Superintendent
Dar Allison, NUES Principal
Matt Burggraf, NUMS Principal
Justin Ufferman, NUHS Principal
Deputy Shawn Dyer, School Resource Officer