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North Union Local School District

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Community Events

North Union Elementary Career Day

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North Union Elementary hosts an annual career day to prepare students about career pathways that they can begin to think about for the future.  This also provides students with a better understanding of different careers and it also promotes an early understanding of different pathways that can help prepare our students for the future! 

Walk to School Day

Literacy Night

Students and Families participated in Literacy Night on March 4, 2022 to wrap up our Right to Read Week! 

Mini-Cats Spirit Night

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Each Fall in conjunction with the Homecoming Snake Dance North Union Elementary offers a Mini-Cats Spirit Night. Families come for fun and food before walking through town in the parade (Snake Dance).

Spring Carnival/SuperGames

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At the end of each school year NUE holds a Spring Carnival/SuperGames Event. This field day style event allows families to come in and play games, jump in bouncy houses, eat food, etc. while teachers and family members run the games and watch the fun.

Veterans Day Assembly

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Each year we hold an amazing Veterans Day assembly to celebrate and honor our veterans. All guests are welcome! Please call ahead to reserve seating. (740-943-3113)

DARE Graduation

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Each year 5th grade students start a DARE program. DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Students then have a graduation ceremony at the end of the 10 week program.

5th Grade Clap Out

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On the last day of school all PreK-4th graders, teachers and parents line the hallways as 5th grade students leave the elementary for the last time.

Project Pride/PAX Leader Assemblies

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We host quarterly Project Pride/PAX Leader Assemblies to honor and celebrate our student accomplishments. Families are also invited into the elementary to join the celebration.

Elementary Music Programs

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NUE's music teacher has many exciting events for you to come and enjoy. Students in 1st grade through 4th grade each have a music performance. 5th grade students do an amazing musical.

Art Festival

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Each year staff members put on a night to remember. There are hundreds of people in attendance. Be sure to stop for the fun!