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North Union Local School District

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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

The Board permits any student from any other district in the state to apply and enroll in the District schools free of any tuition obligation, provided that all procedures as outlined in the administrative regulations are met. Requirements include:

  1. application procedures, including deadlines for application and notification to students of acceptance or rejection and the superintendents of other districts whenever another district’s student’s application is approved;
  2. procedures for admission;
  3. District capacity limits by grade level, school building and educational program are determined;
  4. resident students and previously enrolled District students have preference over first-time applicants;
  5. no requirements of academic, athletic, artistic or any other skill or proficiency;
  6. no limitations on admitting students with disabilities, unless services required in an Individualized Education Program are not available in the District;
  7. no requirement that the student be proficient in the English language;
  8. no rejection of any applying student because the student has been subject to disciplinary proceedings, except an applicant who has been suspended or expelled by another district for 10 consecutive days or more in the term for which admission is sought or in the term immediately preceding the term for which admission is sought and
  9. procedures to ensure maintenance of an appropriate racial balance in the District’s schools.

The District cannot refuse to accept the credits earned by students who have participated in interdistrict open enrollment. The Board will not adopt a policy that discourages resident students from participating in interdistrict open enrollment.

The District notifies the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) of any change to this policy within 30 days of adoption. The District maintains records verifying adherence to this policy and that complaints regarding this policy are addressed. These records are provided to ODE upon request.

Compliance with this policy is reported to the ODE by November 30 annually through the consolidated school mandate report. If the District reports noncompliance the Superintendent/designee must provide a written explanation to the Board within 30 days explaining this noncompliance and a written plan of action for accurately and efficiently addressing the problem.


After March 1
Open enrollment applications are open to the public

Before August 1
Open enrollment applications are due in the superintendent’s office of the district considering open enrollment students.

Before August 15
School districts inform parent/guardian whether the student has been accepted through open enrollment.

Before August 30
Parent/guardian notifies the school district whether or not their child will attend the district under open enrollment.