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Food Service

The USDA announced in April of 2021 that they will provide FREE meals for the 2021-22 school year. This includes breakfast and lunch. It does not include A La Carte items. You will still need to fill out a simplified application.  This will help determine whether you get your school fees waived or if you qualify for other government benefits. Please fill out an electronic version at or fill out a paper copy and return to your student’s school. Printable applications are available on the Parent Resources page.

We will be bringing back the a la carte items this school year. We will have ice cream, sandwiches, parfaits, chips, fruit snacks and fruits and vegetables available for purchase. These items meet the Smart Snack regulations set by the USDA.  A copy of the Smart Snacks guide can be found at this link  If your child is interested in purchasing items from the a la carte line please make sure there is money on their account. You can send in money in an envelope with your student’s name on it or go to and pay with a credit or debit card. They will not be allowed  to purchase a la carte items if they are in the negative. Prices will range from $.75 to$2.25. If you do not want them to purchase extra items or put a limit on their account please call 740-943-1604  or send a note stating your request to your child’s school.

A magnetic menu will be sent home with your student the first day of school.  Information about the nutrition requirements for School meals are located at  Breakfast is provided in the morning when the students arrive at school. A main lunch, gopher lunch and a salad lunch will be offered for the free meal. Special dietary requests need to be addressed with the school nurse.

Bev Wasserbeck
Food Service Director