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North Union Local School District

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In accordance with the belief that all children are entitled to an education commensurate with their particular needs, students who can exceed the grade-level indicators and benchmarks set forth in the standards must be afforded the opportunity and be encouraged to do so. The Board believes that such students often require access to advanced curriculum in order to realize their potential contribution to themselves and society. All children learn and experience success given time and opportunity, but the degree to which academic content standards are met and the time it takes to reach the standards vary from student to student. The Board believes that all students, including advanced learners, should be challenged and supported to reach their full potential. For many advanced learners, this can best be achieved by affording them access to curriculum, learning environments, and instructional interventions more commonly provided to older peers.

3 types of acceleration:

Radical Acceleration = Whole Grade Acceleration
Radical acceleration will follow the protocol in the Iowa Acceleration Scale.

Timeline (not calendar dependent)
  • Request received from family (student/parents) to gifted coordinator or principal
  • Initial meeting with family, gifted coordinator, principal, guidance counselor, and possibly teachers to discuss the pros and cons and develop a timeline
  • Data collection for Acceleration Scale to be completed within 30 days
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss data and next steps

Subject Acceleration = Atypical case where acceleration might best meet student’s cognitive and academic needs
Subject acceleration will follow subject acceleration protocol.

Timeline (not calendar dependent, but recommended at beginning or end of school year)
  • Request received from family (student/parent) or teacher to gifted coordinator or guidance counselor
  • Personal attribute rubrics received back by gifted coordinator, aptitude measure determined and scheduled by gifted staff
  • Data collection (including aptitude measure) completed by gifted staff, follow-up meeting scheduled
  • Follow up meeting to discuss data and next steps

Advanced Class Placement = Includes the following examples: from 5th to 6th grade (ELA and math), and 6/7 math to 7/ 8 math (when 8th grade test is administered)
Advanced placement will follow district protocol.

Timeline (calendar dependent)
  • Gifted coordinator will collect referral rubrics with teacher input by the second week of 4th grading period (mid April). Additional rubrics may be submitted based on Ohio State Testing or MAP data.
  • Personal attribute rubrics will be distributed to family within 1 week (late April)
  • Data collection begins when rubrics are returned (by May 1)
  • Spreadsheet developed with data points by gifted coordinator;
  • Team of gifted coordinator, principal, guidance counselor and receiving teacher meets to review data spreadsheets within 1 week (May 15)
  • Letters mailed to all parents who completed attribute rubric with placement information by end of school year (May 31)
  • Placement may be revised based on performance on OST (received mid June)