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Specialized service for students identified as gifted will be guided by a Written Education Plan (WEP). WEPs will be developed yearly through consultation by the gifted coordinator and classroom teacher(s) in students identified area(s). Any identified student not receiving gifted services during a school year will receive a no service letter in lieu of a WEP.  

At the high school:  Students may select advanced level courses in English, math, science, social studies, and the arts providing they meet specified prerequisites. Students who enroll in courses which match their gifted identification will be recorded as receiving gifted services for the Ohio Department of Education. 

At the middle school: Differentiated instruction is provided to advance students through curriculum standards at a faster pace. Advanced classes are available for qualifying students in English Language Arts. Students will be evaluated yearly for eligibility based on achievement, work ethic, and interest. In math, students may qualify for math 6/7 in 6th grade. This course combines 6th grade standards with some 7th grade standards. In 7th grade, qualifying students will be formally accelerated per Ohio Department of Education guidelines to math 7/8 and will take the 8th grade state test in mathematics. This acceleration enables students to begin earning high school credit in 8th grade by taking Algebra 1. Students who are identified as creative thinkers will be served through integration of creativity in their core, encore, and elective classes.  

At the elementary school: Students who are identified as gifted in reading, math, or superior cognitive ability in grades 3-5 will all  receive formal gifted services as described in Written Education Plans.  Gifted services will be provided by classroom teachers who are trained in differentiation and techniques for advancing gifted learners.  Students will be placed in cluster groups for their gifted service. Students who are identified as creative thinkers will be served through integration of creativity in their core and related arts classes

Students in grades K-2 who are identified as gifted will not receive formal gifted services. The gifted coordinator will consult with classroom teachers as needed to provide challenges for gifted students at their individual academic level. 

If, at any time, a student wishes to withdraw from gifted programming or services or a parent wishes to withdraw their child from gifted programming or services, the request must be made in writing using the form below. The form will need to be submitted each year the student does not wish to take part in gifted services. 

Withdrawal Form

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